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Translating the natural world and environmental change to the photographic medium is both science and art, combining the skill of reading the landscape with effective imagemaking. My initial interest in photography originated with a desire to help bridge the gap between science and art, and quickly evolved into a passion for using this fusion to raise conservation awareness, with a particular focus on rivers and aquatic habitats.

As a hydrologist by training and river restoration practitioner by trade, I have extensive technical background and knowledge of watershed processes and aquatic ecosystem health. I have now worked in the mountains and coasts of both California and Washington, and currently work for American Rivers as Associate Director of California Central Valley River Restoration, based out of Nevada City, CA. I previously worked for the Lummi Indian Nation in Bellingham, WA as their Restoration Project Scientist, helping to implement salmon recovery actions in the Nooksack Watershed.

I try to use this experience and knowledge to create images that distill complex ecosystems and processes into focused elements that educate and connect an audience to places, wildlife, people, and the interrelationships between them. Images have the power to foster new appreciation and stewardship for our natural world. Vital to the success of any conservation objective is community and societal support, as public opinion can indeed impact outcomes. What keeps me motivated is the knowledge that societal and cultural values can only change course if the masses are educated, engaged, and invested in their land and waterscapes. I also love just documenting the beauty of natural landscapes, experimenting with technique, and having fun with my photography.

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